Kelly Rowland Recalls Meeting Whitney Houston: She Told Us to Call Her Auntie Whitney

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Kelly Rowland reflects on the first time she met her hero, Whitney Houston as a teenager. She also shared that the singer wanted to be referred to as “Auntie Whitney.”

During a sweet interview with the legendary Boy George, she says:  

“Absolutely, she was amazing. It was Whitney. I remember actually coming out of this hotel and her ex-husband Bobby Brown came up to myself and the girls, and he was like, “my wife loves ya’ll.” I’m just 15, 16 years old and I said, “your wife, your wife, okay!” So we go over and she was in an interview with this woman and it was for OUT Magazine, I’ll never forget it, and it was the first time we were mentioned with another artist in an article and she stopped the interview, sang to us, talked to us and was like, “Imma give ya’ll my number and if ya’ll need anything just hit me up, I’m Auntie Whitney, I’m Auntie Whitney, you ever need anything I got you.” Just the sweetest woman, you know what I mean? I called her and she called us and checked in and it was just amazing.”


Watch the clip below: