Kelly Rowland Talks Destiny’s Child Reunion Tour! Will It Ever Happen?

Photo credit: KMazur / Getty Images 

Fans have been begging Destiny’s Child for a reunion tour for years, but it unfortunately hasn’t happened yet. 

The closest fans got to a reunion was back in 2018 during Beyoncè’s Coachella performance. Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams got on stage like old times! 

Kelly recently spoke out on the possibility of a reunion tour happening. While promoting her Marry Liddle Christmas film, she was asked if a reunion tour would happen. “I will say, we have made incredible music in the past, and I don’t know. Can we, like, have surprises in this day and age? I mean, I’m just saying. I just find it so interesting, everybody wants to know in advance.

Kelly said that even if one was in the works, fans won’t see it coming. “I know every time there is a decision to be made for myself and the ladies to do something, it’s usually a surprise. And our fans have always been so supportive and so awesome, like, I like to give them surprises. I’ve got nothing up my sleeve, I promise you, nothing up my sleeve, but yeah, I wouldn’t say anything.”

Fans also question of a reunion concert would include past members or just the current ones. 

Would you want a reunion from DC?