Kenan Thompson Says Kanye West Held Cast ‘Hostage’ for Unaired Trump Rant [VIDEO]

Photo Credit: Screenshot/NBC/YouTube

If you haven’t heard about Kanye West’s political rant on SNL this past weekend by now, then you need to go to YouTube!

For those who are well-versed in Kanye’s latest bit of crazy, the Chicago-born rapper used his time at NBC’s studios to voice his recent thoughts on Donald Trump and clean up his comments about abolishing the 13th Amendment, which would call for the end of the abolishment of slavery. 

SNL cast member Kenan Thompson sat down with Seth Myers on the Late Show and recapped the night with ‘Ye. 

Myers gave viewers a quick recap of Saturday night while talking to Kenan, who’s now the longest-standing member of Saturday Night Live after 16 years.

“The show ended and then he brought the cast back on stage while he gave a very political speech—“ 

“Yeah, he voice his opinion very loudly…for a long time,” Kenan responded whimsically.  

“We’re all entitled to our opinion [but&#93 I don’t know if that’s the moment to necessarily hold people hostage like that but hey, you know.”  

Seth told Thompson, “When I share my opinion, one thing I try not to do is say, ‘Come on everyone. Come join me.’”

Kenan told Myers and the audience that while his cast members were on stage for the “circus,” he was sitting backstage watching the show. He said sometimes he just likes to watch it on a TV to see what viewers see. 

He went on to say, “It’s hard to stand there and not be able to debate somebody who’s going so far against your personal opinion…and just sit there and take it.”

Watch Kenan’s full Late Show interview below.