Keri Hilson Says She’ll be ‘Old and Grey’ Before She Settles [PHOTO]

Photo Credit: Prince Williams/Getty Images

Keri Hilson hit the ‘Gram yesterday (Sept. 18) to post another glowing selfie a beautiful selfie, and this one had a very honest caption.

The singer-songwriter is ready for love, but according to social media she doesn’t plan on settling to find it.

Wilson used her IG flick to let her fans (and future suitors) know exactly what she’s looking for in a mate because she doesn’t want to end up with the “wrong person.”

“Sure, I’d like to be married someday – but not enough to do with the wrong person,” Hilson wrote.

“So if you EVA see ‘Keri’ walk down that aisle, even if I’m old & grey…you can rest assured – I didn’t settle.”