Ketnaji Brown Jackson Will Be Allowed To Take Part In Affirmative Action Case

The newly appointed Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson will be allowed to take part in the affirmative action case. 

It has been reported that Justice Brown Jackson had to recuse herself from the case involving Harvard because she served as the Board of Overseers. 

According to a news brief, the Supreme Court has found a way to allow Justice Brown Jackson to participate. She will be able to participate in the case against the University of North Carolina, which will be separate from Harvard’s case. 

Students originally rallied for keeping the cases together in which the Supreme Court agreed until Brown Jackson changed their minds. 

Harvard President Lawrence Bacow spoke about the situation in a statement saying, “The Supreme Court decision to review the unanimous decisions of the lower federal courts puts at risk 40 years of legal precedent granting colleges and universities the freedom and flexibility to create diverse campus communities.”

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