Kevin Hart Sues YouTuber Tasha K For Extortion

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Kevin Hart has officially filed a lawsuit against YouTuber Tasha K. and his former assistant Miesha Shakes for allegedly trying to extort him due to allegations of infidelity.

According to reports, the actor filed the suit in the Los Angeles Superior Court after an interview between Tasha and Shakes took place and the allegations took place. The lawsuit stated, “You have already engaged in criminal conduct and tortious acts that would entitle Mr. Hart to monetary damages against you should he elect to commence civil litigation regarding this matter.”

It continued, “To the extent that you do not cease and desist now, your liability for such monetary damages will increase, as will your exposure to criminal penalties.” The interview took place on Tasha’s YouTube channel, “UnWineWithTashaK,” with Shakes, who was Kevin Hart’s assistant from August 2017 to October 2020.  On her Instagram page, the YouTuber posted, “The interview that Kevin Hart will WISH NEVER CAME OUT!!”

During their conversation, the former assistant accused Hart of having an affair with her at his office. She also went on to say that she told Hart’s wife, Eniko, about their affair and revealed that he had a serious gambling problem.

In November, Kevin Hart gave Tasha K. a cease and desist letter and he refused to pay $250,000 to stop the interview from coming out. It was also made known that the NDA between Hart and Shakes, “would constitute intentional interference with contractual relations” if the interview came out.

The lawsuit also claims that Miesha Shakes made “false and defamatory statements regarding Hart and certain legal disputes in which he had been involved.” It went on to say that “other statements during the interview were false, including that Hart recorded a video of a sexual encounter, and that he faced criminal charges regarding that supposed incident.”

Kevin Hart isn’t the first celebrity to file a lawsuit against Tasha K. She was recently sued by Cardi B. where she was ordered to pay the rapper $4 million in a defamation verdict. Tasha would end up filing for bankruptcy stating that her assets only came out to be $58,595 including her name-brand purses.