Keyshia Cole Responds To Criticism About Her Relationship With A 24-Year-Old Rapper

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Keyshia Cole recently revealed that she is in a new relationship.

A few days ago, the singer, 42, tagged her new boyfriend, 24 year old rapper, Hunxho, in a tweet that said “Mine.”

Since posting, Cole has received a lot of criticism due to their 18 year age difference. 

Some social media users have said that she has poor taste and even claimed that her relationship is based on unhealed trauma. One user wrote, “Your kids right behind him, heal and go get boobie back,” as they referred to the singer’s ex-husband, Daniel Gibson as reported by Essence

Cole responded to the user and said, “Girl f*** u, my kid is 14. I wish I would go backwards. Y’all crazy asf.”

She would also respond to a fan who asked if she had daddy issues. 

“The way you all try to protect me is really a blessing. Y’all just do it wrong asf,” she said,and then added, “my adopted father raised me well. Go rewatch the reality show,” she wrote. 

What are your thoughts on Keyshia Cole dating someone 18 years younger than her?