Kierra Sheard-Kelly Announces She’s Expecting Her First Child

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Congratulations to Gospel-award-winning Kierra Sheard-Kelly and her husband Jordan Kelly. 

The two announced that they are expecting their first child together. The “Something Has To Break Singer” posted the amazing news on her Instagram page. 

“God is still performing miracles and @mrjordankelly and I are so grateful!” she wrote. “To learn more about our journey, click the link in the bio or in the story. I’m so excited about my pookie pooooh! God is amazing! Thank you to everyone who’s been praying with us! #miracle #BabyKelly.” 

In a recent interview with People, she said, “I am so excited and blessed to have this opportunity to carry, my prayer, and watch our baby grow.” She continued, “I’m most excited about raising a game changer, loving someone so deep, and having that same impact my mother had on me. I think I’ll be raising one of my best friends!” 

She also speaks about the miscarriages that she experienced that almost killed her. “God still showed me that He’s in charge, and to keep believing. I’ve been fearful and have worried, but God has sent me constant reminders and ways of affirmation,” Sheard-Kelly said. 

The singer continued, “My husband’s faith and declarations have stood in place of my lack many times. He has encouraged me to know that I’m still loved, had we had this moment or not. Getting on one accord helps create our love child, and is growing us closer. I’ve downloaded faith-based books, prayed every morning over my womb and baby, and surrounded myself with a very supportive and prayerful community.” 

She concluded, “As a result, we are here seeing our prayers answered. I’ve felt the presence of God in my womb and it’s been one of the most promising moments I’ve had in my life.”