Kierra Sheard-Kelly Finds Her Voice At A Young Age, Becomes A New Mother, And Is Nominated For A Grammy

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On a special episode of WBLS: Rhythm & Views podcast, Grammy-nominated Gospel Singer, Kierra Sheard-Kelly sits with Krista B. and have a “homegirl conversation.”

They speak about Sheard-Kelly’s new book “Kiki Finds Her Voice,” where it tells the true story of how the “Miracles” singer was able to find her voice when it came to singing gospel music instead of R&B music. Kelly revealed that as a child, she went through a period where she wanted to fit in but was directed by God to stand out and how her reward was so much greater in the end.

She also spoke about her journey into motherhood and how she had to trust God in the process of dealing with loss, maintaining her faith, and believing that God’s promise over her life would come to pass.

Kierra Sheard-Kelly also dropped some gems and revealed that there may be some special in the works involving her mother and aunts best known as The Clark Sisters. Listen to the entire interview below.