Kim Burrell Faces Backlash After Telling Churchgoer To Hush During Solo

In a recent church service, gospel singer Kim Burrell sparked controversy as footage of her instructing a congregant to stop singing along with her went viral. The incident left many viewers divided, with some labeling her as “arrogant” and “rude” for discouraging someone from participating in worship. Burrell addressed the backlash, emphasizing that the solo was a crucial part of her ministry.

During the service, Burrell, in the pulpit, expressed her frustration with a woman who joined in singing during what she perceived as a solo moment.

She even made remarks about the woman’s mask, stating, “Let that mask work for you. I’m singing alone.”

Viewers initially criticized Burrell’s choice of words, with some expressing their displeasure on social media platforms.

Burrell defended her actions, explaining that she was in the midst of ministry and operating in the spiritual realm. She clarified that not everyone understands the unique aspects of her public engagements, where she transitions between singing and preaching. Despite the initial tension, Burrell revealed that she later invited the woman to join her, leading to a joyful moment of fellowship.

The incident added to a history of controversial remarks made by Burrell, including past statements about the LGBTQ+ community and other gospel artists. However, she remains a prominent figure in Black churches, continuing to lead worship.

The viral video prompted discussions on social media, with commentators questioning Burrell’s behavior and her continued presence in the pulpit. Some labeled her a “menace,” while others defended the congregant’s right to join in the singing.

In response to the criticism, Burrell released a video explaining her perspective and encouraging the use of masks due to the rising COVID cases. Despite the controversy, she continues to play a significant role in leading Black churches in praise of the Lord. The incident, while divisive, showcased a unique moment of tension turned into a joyous celebration during the church service.