Kim Kardashian Asks California Governor to Look Into New Inmate Pardon [PHOTO]

Photo Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian is continuing her mission to free the innocent, wrongfully convicted, and harshly punished, and this time she’s keeping her plea to look into another inmate case local. 

The socialite and businesswoman turned to Twitter yesterday to ask California’s Governor Jerry Brown to look into the case Kevin Cooper, an inmate at San Quentin, a maximum-security correctional facility located approximately six hours outside of Los Angeles.

Kardashian says she became privy to Cooper’s case after reading a recent New York Times article called Justice Delayed, With a Life on the Line. The article breaks down Cooper’s case, beginning with his arrest in 1983. The write-up asks readers to “imaging being framed for a horrific crime: the fatal stabbing of a married couple and two children. You then spend 35 years in prison awaiting execution for that quadruple murder.”

The article, penned by opinion columnist Nicholas Kristof, continued by telling its readers to “imagine that you’re a Black man and that the trial was tainted by the ugliest racism. Meanwhile, federal judges and F.B.I. investigators cite evidence that the real killer is a white convicted murderer who came home late on the night of the murders in bloody coveralls, but when his girlfriend reported him to the authorities, the police took the bloody coveralls and threw them away.”

After reading this in-depth look in Kevin Cooper, Kim tweeted Gov. Jerry Brown last night (Oct. 7), and asked him to “please add Kevin Cooper to your legacy of smart, fair and thoughtful criminal justice reforms.”

TMZ reports Kardashian is hoping Gov. Brown will make “Kevin Cooper part of his recent criminal justice legacy before he leaves office in January.”

Gov. Jerry Brown has yet to respond, but Kim’s recent interest in criminal justice lets us know anything can happen.