Kyla Pratt Sued By Former Management Over Alleged Unpaid Commissions

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A lawsuit filed Monday claims that Kyla Pratt owes money to her former management company for Call Me Kat and related projects.

According to NBC Palm Springs, on Monday, Industry Entertainment Partners submitted a lawsuit to the Los Angeles Superior Court claiming that Pratt, 36, engaged in breach of contract, unjust enrichment and negligent misrepresentation.

In August 2018, the Love & Basketball actress entered a written and verbal agreement with Industry Entertainment Partners for her role on Fox sitcom, Call Me Kat. Pratt was required to pay the company any earnings for her role on the show and “projects related thereto,” according to the suit. ”

RadarOnline was able to obtain court documents detailing more about the suit. “Pratt has performed in Call Me Kat and related projects. However, despite the parties’ agreement Pratt has refused to pay all the amounts she owed to [Industry Entertainment Partners].”

The company said despite numerous demands for payments, Pratt has failed to make the payments. The lawsuit said at the time the agreement was entered into, Pratt made “material misrepresentations to [Industry Entertainment Partners] concerning her intentions to pay [Industry Entertainment Partners] the commissions arising from her earnings from Call Me Kat and related projects. However, Pratt had no reasonable ground to believe that she will actually pay [Industry Entertainment Partners’] commissions in full and made misrepresentations with the intent of continuing to obtain [Industry Entertainment Partners’] artist and management services

The Daily Beast noted that Pratt’s publicist Heather Besignano pushed back against the claims: “We have just become aware of this frivolous lawsuit and will strongly defend against the allegations in the complaint if or when it is filed,” she says, adding that Pratt hasn’t worked with the company in two years.

TV Line reported Call Me Kat suspended production for an indefinite amount of time following the death of cast member Leslie Jordan, who had played café baker Phil since 2021.