Kym Whitley Reveals Graphic Footage of Herself After She Fell Into a Hole!

photo credit: Dr. Billy Ingram / Getty Images

Oh no! Kim Whitley reportedly fell into a hole and suffered a swollen lip, nose bruises and scratches all over her face.


She took to her Instagram to let her fans know that “life has a way of slowing you down.” She explained, “Hey everybody, you know today was a regular today, I showed an Instagram story of me, it was just my face, it looked cut. Today I was running errands and I had a little fall, at a place of business. Life has a way of slowing you down. I didn’t know it was gonna be this bad.”


Whew! Luckily, the damages are not life-threatening. The actress/comedian captioned the video “Had a little boo-boo today. One minute you’re fine and the next minute you could be in the bed with your girlfriend @jackiefabulous talking about can you please bring me some ice.”


See the video below, keep Kym in your prayers.