LaKeith Stanfield Responds To ‘Secret’ Baby, Snoop Dogg Checked By Dionne Warwick 

LaKeith Stanfield
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The Rewind with Jus Nik, keeping you informed on everything that happened in the culture this week:

LaKeith Stanfield

Artist Tylor Hurd announced she has a 9-month baby with actor LaKeith Stanfield, who recently announced that he was engaged to model Kasmere Trice. Tylor took to social media to tell the world; LaKeith responded, “Thanks for respecting my not wanting to blast my child out to the internet. Very considerate of you.” Tylor is upset LaKeith didn’t spend time with their daughter over the holiday, hopefully, they can work everything out.  


Chili from the iconic R&B group TLC revealed to the world who she’s been diggin’ on for the last few months; Boy Meets World actor Matthew Lawrence. The couple made it “IG official” on New Year’s Eve and wore matching PJs. Chilli and Matthew were spotted vacationing in Hawaii last summer but reportedly didn’t get together romantically until the holiday season.

Gabrielle Union:

During a recent interview, Gabrielle Union, said she felt “entitled” to cheat during her first marriage because she was the breadwinner. The actress also admitted she was seeking validation and loved the attention she was getting. Gabrielle and Chris attempted to work on their marriage but later realized they had nothing in common, and he was cheating also. Gabrielle is married to former NBA star Dwyane Wade, says it’s the total opposite now and doesn’t live that way.

R. Kelly:

In the final installment of Surviving R. Kelly, more disgusting details were revealed. He forced victims to perform sexually inhumane acts. To keep his dirty ways under wraps, R. Kelly utilized NDAs to silence the women he preyed on, including Aaliyah, who was only 15 when he married her at 27. On the flip side, the alleged victim, Joycelyn Savage, claims she recently had his baby; R. Kelly denied it but says they are engaged. 

Dionne Warwick/Snoop Dogg

Dionne Warwick had to check Snoop Dogg once upon a time for his misogynistic lyrics, which left the Dogg “intimidated” and kind of “shaken up.” In a new CNN film Dionne Warwick: Don’t Make Over, the singer spoke on organizing a meeting with 90’s hip hop gangsters to discuss their lyrics. Snoop said he got “out-gangstered that day,” which inspired him to change his musical direction. The film is out now, did you see it? Let us know.