Lashana Lynch Wants To Remake ‘Bridesmaids’ Movie With Black Cast

In a recent interview, Lashana Lynch, known for her diverse roles in films like “Captain Marvel” and “No Time to Die,” revealed her dream cast for a potential remake of the beloved comedy “Bridesmaids.” Reflecting on her admiration for the original film, Lynch shared her fantasy lineup with PEOPLE.

“I better really think quick because I see interviews like this all the time, and then five years later they’re like, ‘It actually happened’ — but no pressure,” Lynch quipped. “Okay, why did Goldie Hawn just come into my mind?”

The actress then proceeded to craft a star-studded ensemble, envisioning Issa Rae, Meryl Streep, and the “hilarious” Keke Palmer alongside returning favorites like Rebel Wilson and Maya Rudolph from the original cast.

“I mean, it can also be a trilogy!” Lynch joked, emphasizing the potential for a series of comedic adventures.

Outside of her on-screen endeavors, Lynch shared insights into her personal life, highlighting her love for tranquility amidst her bustling schedule. “I surround myself with quiet, whether it be in my garden — I have a million plants, too many plants still growing. I tend to them a lot,” she revealed. “I have a dog. We play a lot and just chill. And I try and hang with my friends as much as possible.”

Navigating the demands of her profession, Lynch acknowledged the challenge of finding moments of self-renewal amid constant travel and filming. “I’ve been out of the country for the last nine months. So, yeah, it’s challenging to find that kind of coming back to self,” she admitted.

Yet, Lynch finds solace in meaningful conversations with loved ones and the simple pleasure of unwinding with quality television or movies.

“A lot of my post-process is quieting my mind to actually think about what I think about something, because you’ve been thinking for someone else for so long that everything just becomes very laser focused and zoned in on something,” she reflected. “I just want nothing. I want just complete chill, a cup of tea, a good show, and really diving into: am I watching this show, or is a show watching me?”