Laverne Cox Is Flattered After Being Mistaken For Beyoncé

It is without a doubt that award-winning actress Laverne Cox had Sweet Dreams last night after attending the US Open.

On Monday (August 29), Cox shared a viral Tweet of someone mistaking her for “Break My Soul” artist Beyoncé. The video featured the crowd cheering for Serena Williams. For a split second, the camera cuts to Laverne Cox. After this, Twitter user @Choni_ captioned the video “#Beyoncé at the #USOpen,” mistaking Cox for the singer.

An hour later the Twitter user replied, “My bad… I wasn’t trying to be funny I promise. I got too excited to see #Beyonce and thought it was her my bad… it’s @Lavernecox.”

The actress dressed in a black mesh top with tan latex pants and heels. Cox definitely emanated Beyonce’s energy after she completed her look with hoop earrings, a black Dior bag along with a black face mask.

Instances of misidentifying people of color are often not funny (and unfortunately more common than you think). However, Queen Bey fan Laverne Cox took this subtle mix-up as a compliment.

In an Instagram post yesterday, Cox wrote: “Not me getting mistaken for @Beyonce at the #USOpen tonight then trending on Twitter as internet cackles over the mistaken identity.” The Orange Is The New Black star continued, “These tweets are funny as hell. Enjoy!!! Go@serenawilliams #GOAT #Serena Williams #Beyonce.”

The Emmy-award-winning actress also shared the Tweets on her page. Here are just a couple of honorable mentions:

Despite the attention was on her, Cox made sure to show her support for Serena Williams after each response.

Hilariously enough, it would not have been surprising to spot Serena William’s friend Beyoncé cheering her on in the crowd. Especially considering that she recently narrated a new Gatorade commercial to honor William’s legacy.

Nonetheless, Laverne Cox must definitely be feeling her best self after the mix-up!