Leslie Jones Claims She Was In Love w/ Suge Knight

Comedian Leslie Jones is taking a trip down memory lane and revealed that she has a thing for Suge Knight. 

During a recent interview, Jones explained what her attraction to him to the founder of Death Row Records was and how it began when they attended the same high school in Los Angeles. “First of all, I was in love with him because he looked like one of The Debarges. He had that long a** jerry curl,” she said.

She went on to say that they were never in a relationship but claims that Knight was always nice to her. “One day he came in there, smiled, and winked at me and I thought I was gonna have a motherf***king conniption,” she added. 

Although Jones had these feelings for Knight, she pointed out that he is a bully. Leslie Jones continued the interview and told the story about the time she smoked with a former Death Row artist, Snoop Dogg, and Don “Magic” Juan. 

“They passing the blunts and I’m hitting the blunts. Don Juan takes the blunt and hits it in his nose.” Jones also gave Snoop Dogg his flowers and stated that she is very proud of him and all that he is doing.