LeToya Luckett Shares Views On Her Next Husband Coming Before Her Children

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LeToya Luckett is sharing her thoughts on marriage and children. 

Luckett, who has been married twice before and has two children with ex-husband Tommicus Walker, spoke about her new outlook on marriage and her children. In a resurfaced clip from the “Good Moms Bad Choices” podcast she spoke about how she can’t deal with a man who lies and puts on a front about anything. 

The conversation then went on to talk about marriage and children and wanting to be “equally yoked” with the right man who has patience and a healthy love for children. “Know that if we get married, they don’t come first. It’s you,” she said. 

Co-host Jamila Mapp Luckett, “If you get married your husband will become priority, and then your children.?” The singer replied, “That’s the Biblical order. So I try and go by the Biblical order even though that’s harder said than done. I’ve been on the other side of that not happening twice and it does interfere.” 

What are your thoughts on this?