LeVar Burton Encourages Children To Read Books That Have Been Banned

LeVar Burton is advocating for children to read the books that have been banned in schools. 

While appearing on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Burton agreed with Noah’s monologue about the banning of certain books in schools’ curricula. 

“The request to ban a Michelle Obama biography totally gives away the game that this is more about ginning up a culture war than protecting kids,” Noah stated. “Because once you’re banning a book about any First Lady, that’s political. I don’t care what anybody says.” 

Burton would appear in a short skit, where he is seen trying to read to the viewers but is constantly interrupted by the pictures of books that are banned. 

The books include Rosa which speaks about segregation, Hop on Pop which is set to be disrespectful to parents, and And Tango Makes Three which focuses on sexual perversion. 

The former Reading Rainbow host reacts to the objections and says, “Yo, they adopted the baby!. What do you guys want? A mommy and a daddy penguin so the kids can make sure the that the penguins are knocking boots?”

He added, “Read the books they don’t want you to that’s where the good stuff is. Read banned books!” Do you agree with Trevor Noah and LeVar Burton about this topic?