Lil Jon To Release Guided Meditation Album

Atlanta-based producer and crunk music pioneer, Lil Jon, known for hits like “Get Low” and “Turn Down for What,” is gearing up for a surprising new venture.

Reports from TMZ suggest that he’s set to release a guided meditation album, marking a significant departure from his signature high-energy sound.

This unexpected announcement comes amid Lil Jon’s recent focus on fitness and wellness, as he seeks to prioritize his internal health. TMZ’s sources reveal that the album, slated for release on February 16, will feature 10 tracks and aims to reflect Lil Jon’s current mindset in 2024.

In a move that has sparked speculation among fans, there are whispers that Lil Jon might make an appearance alongside Usher during the Super Bowl Halftime Show on February 11, potentially using the momentum from the event to propel his album release.

Lil Jon’s Instagram activity further fueled excitement when he shared the TMZ article, hinting at the validity of the reports. This isn’t the first time Lil Jon has surprised fans with a musical pivot; in 2022, he collaborated with André 3000, who also explored new musical territories with his ambient album “New Blue Sun” in 2023.

While Lil Jon’s last studio album, “Crunk Rock,” dates back to 2010, this upcoming release promises to showcase a different side of the artist, highlighting his personal growth and evolving interests.