Lizzo’s Lawyer Says She Plans To Countersue Former Backup Dancers

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After being slammed with a lawsuit by former backup dancers for creating a hostile environment and sexual harassment, Lizzo’s lawyer reveals she plans to countersue.

According to TMZ, the countersuit comes after new photos surfaced of the accusers, Crystal Williams, Arianna Davis, and Noelle Rodriguez. The three are shown backstage at a topless cabaret show in Paris one month after the incident at Bananenbar in Amsterdam occurred.

Marty Singer, who is Lizzo’s attorney, shared that the images portray the trio “happily carousing” and “gleefully reveling” at one of the after-party events.

The accusers’ lawyer, Neama Rahmani, issued a statement saying that they are not backing down from Lizzo.

“Our clients aren’t afraid of Singer or his empty threats or his victim shaming.I’ve handled thousands of cases, including prosecuting drug cartels so we have no plans to back down. Let’s see if Singer can actually try a case in a courtroom instead of the media,” he said. “We’ve addressed all these instances where the plaintiffs appear to be happy alongside Lizzo during their time working with her. Of course, they wanted to keep their jobs. They had bills to pay just like everyone else but they finally had enough of the abuse. We stand by every claim in the lawsuit and look forward to trial.”