Loni Love Speaks On Why She Won’t Ever Get Married

Loni Love has recently spoken out about marriage and revealed why people will never see her tie the knot. 

In a recent interview, The Real daytime talk show host talked about love and relationships and her decision to not get married. 

“I don’t like marriage. If that’s what you want, then that’s fine, but we are living in more modern times now, where women can be a lot more independent and they can still have the love they want.”

She added, “I really believe in marriage for women that have children with someone, but not for me, I’m good.” 

The comedian revealed she doesn’t want any children for herself because she loves being known as “Auntie Loni.”

Love has been in a relationship with James Welsh for four years and expressed that she loves spending time with him and his grandchildren. 

“I’m a grandmother. James has four grandchildren, two that are here. We take them out, we have a really good time. That fulfills my maternal instincts.”