Lori Harvey Explains How Boyfriend Michael B. Jordan Made A Lasting Impression On Her And Her Mother

They say that the first impression is always a lasting impression, and in the case of Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey’s relationship, it was a good one. 

During an interview on The Real, the model and influencer was asked about her relationship with Jordan. She shared that he made a great and lasting impression on her family, especially her mother, Majorie. 

“They’re actually really close. They talk all the time. They hang out. They’ve gone out on their little lunch and dinner dates. I don’t even know about [it]. He’s like ‘oh yeah, I just took your mom to dinner.’ I’m like, ‘okay, that’s cute, ” Harvey said. 

She would go on to speak about their relationship and what makes it so special. “We just really balance each other and I really believe in the statement, ‘when you know you know.” 

Harvey added, “I think that really applies to our situation. You know, we just have a really good time together. He’s so sweet, very attentive. He listens to me, the things I say that I want and he really makes an effort. So I think that’s what’s special about it.”