Manhattan Borough President Proposes To Tear Down The FDR

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Mark Levine, Manhattan Borough President has issued a new proposal that can have a major effect on commuters. 

According to reports, Levine proposed to have the FDR torn down from the Brooklyn Bridge to the Battery Tunnel, and wants it turned into a green space. “Eighty years after Robert Moses put this up, we’re saying it’s time to tear it down,” Levine said in a statement to the news.

He continued,“We have a better vision, to transform this into a people centered boulevard that would have multi-use lanes, a lot of open space, greenery, and most importantly, direct access to the waterfront and great views of the harbor.” 

However, in order to move forward with this proposal, he needs to get approval from the city, state, and federal government, however, the borough president believes that the approval will happen. “We did it on the West Side, there used to be an elevated highway over there. It was torn down in the ‘80s. We’ve had a transformation there that’s remarkable,” Levine said. “Hudson River Park is one of the best public spaces in New York City right now. We know what it does to a waterfront to have access like that.” 

The Mayor’s office is reportedly reviewing the proposal and will discuss this matter with the state. The New York State Department of Transportation has not responded to this new proposal. 

Mark Levine has been revealing a lot of support from local politicians and the community on social media.

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