Mariah Carey Fights For Primary Custody Of Her Children

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Mariah Carey is getting ready to fight for full custody of her twins that she shares with Nick Cannon. 

According to reports, a source close to the issue states that Carey is going in this direction to send a message to Cannon about the up and down relationship he has with his 11-year-old twins, Monroe and Moroccan.

The close source said, “She wants to put him on notice that he can’t just flit in and out of their lives while he attends to his other children. And she wants legal standing as the twins’ primary caregiver.” 

Nick Cannon recently revealed that he was dealing with “dad guilt” while trying to figure out how to spend time with his 12 children. Although this is a struggle for him, Cannon said that he is happy and full of joy to be around love. 

“Honestly, man, it’s really just so much joy and elation to have the family that I have and I embrace it and I love it.

What are your thoughts Mariah Carey fighting for primary custody of her twins?