Mariah Carey Talks New Music, the Rebirth of ‘Glitter’ and Listening to WBLS Throughout The Years [VIDEO]

Mariah Carey recently stopped by WBLS like a beam of light, and her energy radiated as she sat down with our New York Sweetheart, Shaila, to discuss her new album, Caution, the recent social push of her 2001 soundtrack to her similarly-titled film, Glitter, the first time she met Shaila and her relationship to WBLS, and of course, #dembabies, Moroccan and Monroe.

Shaila reminisced about the first time she met MC – when Mariah came into the studio with Frankie Crocker to break her record, “Vision of Love” – and Mariah told Shaila it was always her dream to hear her song on the radio.

“I grew up listening to Frankie and listening to WBLS…My dream was I always wanted to hear my song on the radio – I couldn’t really think beyond that. So being there with him in the studio blew my mind,” the Butterfly told Shaila.

The Grammy-winning songstress went on to open up about her new album and the meaning behind the its similarly-title track.

“It was called Proceed With Caution, but we shortened to it Caution. It’s a record I did with No I.D… I recorded it in the Bahamas at this place called Albany. It was the last song I recorded on the album.”

Mariah went on gush about the legacy of her music, how she celebrates her anniversaries, and why it’s so hard to choose three songs to serve as the soundtrack to her life.

Check out Mariah’s full interview with Shaila below.