Marilyn Mosby Sentenced To One Year Home Detention + 3 Year Supervised Release

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Marilyn Mosby, former Baltimore City State’s Attorney, has been sentenced to 12 months of home detention, three years of supervised release, and 100 hours of community service. This sentencing comes after she was charged with fraud and perjury. 

Reports also state that Mosby was ordered by a federal judge to give up her condo in Longboat Key, Florida. Mosby was convicted by two separate juries on perjury and mortgage fraud charges after it was discovered that she was lying about personal finances to a mortgage lender while purchasing one of her homes in Florida. 

U.S. District Court Judge Lydia K. Griggsby argued during the hearing that Mosby wouldn’t have been able to purchase the home without the funds to get her mortgage. “The defendant should not get to profit from her crime,” said prosecutor Stephanie Williamson. 

However, Mosby’s defense said, “Without the home, she will be unable to earn rental income on the property to support herself and her daughters.” They continued, “Ms. Mosby is otherwise significantly in debt.” 

Griggsby ordered the defendant to give up 90 percent of the “appreciated value of the vacation home once the property is sold.” However, she will receive $47,600 back and 10% of the home’s appreciated value if it sells with profit. Marilyn Mosby has denied any wrongdoing on her behalf and said that her legal troubles were caused by Donald Trump and his administration.  She claims that everything began to unfold after she charged the officers who were involved with the death of Freddie Gray, who was in police custody when he died. 

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