Marlon Wayans Gives Dating Advice To Lupita Nyong’o

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Last week, Lupita Nyong’o revealed that her and her partner, Selema Masekala have split ways. In a lengthy post, the actress hinted at the separation being due to “deception.” Under the post, many of her peers shared some insight and words of encouragement, however, comedian and actor, Marlon Wayans is currently going viral for his advice to the star.

“Trust God. He wants better for you. All lessons are blessings especially the painful ones,” he wrote under her post. “This too shall pass. Warmest of hugs. Be kind to you as you heal. I always say whenever I have a breakup, ‘lucky me, I get to love ME again. I missed you me.’ Go love on you woman.” WHEW, who knew Marlon had a beautiful way with words?

Nyong’o later took to Instagram to share her gratitude for the outpouring of love sent in her direction following the original post.

“Thank you for all the kindness I have received from sharing my heartbreak news,” she wrote in since-expired Instagram Story post. “The words of encouragement mean more to me than I anticipated. They are a balm. And it feels comforting to have a little corner online for the romantically heartbroken to gather.”