Marlon Wayans’ Home Burglarized

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - JUNE 03: Marlon Wayans attends his screening of "Good Grief" on June 03, 2024 in New York City.
(Photo by Shareif Ziyadat/Getty Images)

Marlon Wayans responds to the people who burglarized his home.

The actor and comedian took to Instagram to thank the people who checked up on him and then blasted the robbers. “Didn’t really get much. ‘Cause I don’t own s***. The most valuable thing in my house is my house. So unless you’re gonna put that s*** on a truck and drag it away, then yeah man, you did well,” he said. 

He also added that he doesn’t wear jewelry and that the gold ring that was on his finger was fake. “I don’t use cash, I have credit cards. I’m the wrong n**** to rob. Go down the block, there’s a lot of flashy n****s out there.” 

In the caption under his post, Wayans wrote, “God is so Good. Everyone is fine. I’m grateful. Dear ROBBERS and OTHERS, I am the WRONG N***** to ROB. Save your energy. I don’t have anything valuable in my house except MY HOUSE. Sorry, I live a simple life with 2 cats and one of them is a 1994 Range Rover, you will need a jumpstart if you steal it cuz the battery is dead. Robbers don’t waste your energy or your life doing home invasions, sh*t is too heavy!!! You want to carry all that bullsh*t? Throw your back out, and for what?! I repeat I don’t own sh*t valuable. I don’t have a bunch of cash or jewelry. Please pick a better.  Thank you and love you… still”

Reports state that the robbery took place in his Los Angeles home while his brother, Keenen Ivory Wayans was there asleep. The incident occurred around 2:30 am. Marlon was not home at the time of the robbery. The two robbers entered through the backyard and broke a rear window. The next day, Marlon’s staff members came home to discover that the home was in disarray. The robbers got away with a safe containing thousands of dollars in cash. 

No arrests have been made yet.