Marlon Wayans Kicked Off United Flight

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Marlon Wayans was kicked off a United flight just hours before he was supposed to perform on stage. The comedian says that there was a disagreement over a checked bag which resulted in the airline crew not allowing him to board.

He took to Instagram to share his grievances.

In the caption he wrote about what he experienced while he was trying to board his flight from Denver to Kansas City.

“Maaaaaan the bullsh*t I’m experiencing at @united is unprecedented BULLSH*T. People taking advantage of their ‘power.’ Bro claimed i had too many bags so i complied and consolidated them he was like ‘oh now you have to check that bag’. Bye. I’m in seat 2 A come holla. Most agents are always love but every now and then you come across BAD PEOPLE. This was one of them. @united this type of employee should never work at your company.”

Witnesses told TMZ that after getting into a heated argument with staff, he attempted to board the plane although attendants at the gate told him he couldn’t. Security was called and proceeded to escort Wayans off of the flight.

Police arrived 30 minutes after Wayans was escorted off the plane and gave him a citation for disturbing the peace. He confirmed in a separate Instagram post.

“I’ve flown over 15,000,000 miles in my lifetime and I rarely have had problems. Anyone knows who knows me knows I’m a mild mannered dude. This agent was clearly picking on me.”