Marquise Jackson Wants to Restore His Relationship With His Father 50 Cent

Marquise Jackson is opened to mending his relationship with her estranged father, 50 Cent.

In a recent interview with TMZ, he reveals that although the two are publicly feuding, he is still willing to meet.

Marquise says, “I’m definitely willing to sit down with him and get his perspective, and gain a little bit of understanding. I mean, like, we’re both men at the end of the day. We should be able to agree and disagree, and it not be a problem,” the 26-year-old noted.”

He also adds:

“I don’t even know if a sit down can actually restore the situation, it’s more so it’s an olive branch. “If you up for it, I’m up for it… “

This interview happened after Marquise post the photo below with the caption:

“Since y’all think $6,700 is sooo much money, someone tell my pops I will pay him $6,700 for just 24hr of his time so we can do everything I ever wanted to do with him as a kid. Red Yellow Green whatever color he like ,” Marquise penned under a photo of himself sitting next to money arranged that spelled “entitled.”


Do you think these two can work it out?

Watch the full video below:

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