‘Married To Medicine’ Star Quad Webb’s Divorce to Dr. G has Been Finalized!

photo credit: Paras Griffin / Getty Images 

Married to Medicine’s star Quad Webb’s marriage to Dr. Gregory Lunceford a.k.a Dr. G, has been finalized. The divorce was long-awaited, as seen on the hit reality show. 


According to reports, “Quad and Gregory informed the court they were able to reach a divorce settlement. The deal means they worked out their issues and will avoid a court trial. The court entered a final judgment and decree in the case on October 4. Quad originally filed for divorce from Gregory in May 2018, following six years of marriage.”


If you’re fan of Married to Medicine, you’ve seen the marriage play out on the series. The marriage made a turn for the worse when both parties accused each other of physical abuse. 


We hope all is well between both parties.