Martin Lawrence Seemingly Confirms ‘Bad Boys 4’ Will Be Coming

The fourth installment to the Bad Boys franchise has been confirmed by Martin Lawrence. 

In a recent interview, Lawrence who has been a part of the franchise since 1995 playing the role of Detective Marcus Barnett, said that he and co-star Will Smith have at least one more movie left. 

He went on to speak about the very first film Bad Boys, “It was big. For us to come together and prove that we can deliver, and we can pull people into the box office- that two Black stars, two sitcom stars, could make money at the box office- was huge,” he said. 

Lawrence, 57, continued, “It also was an important pivot for him personally and professionally. I didn’t go to college, so I felt TV was my college years. I felt with movies, I had graduated; it was just different.” 

Martin Lawrence and Will Smith starred in the third installment, Bad Boys For Life, which is the sequel to the 2003 movie Bad Boys II. The movie garnered $59 million domestically. 

However, fans are worried that the film won’t happen after Smith publicly slapped Chris Rock at this year’s Oscars. Many of his other projects have been put on hold.

There is no word on when this project will begin production.