Mathew Knowles Blames Beyoncé’s Label For Her Lack Of Album Of The Year Wins At The Grammys

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Beyoncé’s father, Mathew Knowles, is speaking out about why he feels that his daughter has won a Grammy for Album of the year yet.

After Jay-Z calls out the Grammys for never awarding that specific award to his wife, Mathew said that he believes it’s because of her label. “People don’t know the process,” Knowles said. “Your record label can only appoint one person in a category, so that means her record label. I’ma call you out, Columbia Records. Her record label has never really put her in that category for consideration. When you have Adele and Beyoncé on the same record label, the record label can only support one of those artists. There’s a lot of reasons, I mean, there’s a financial reason. Maybe Adele sold more records worldwide, I don’t know these answers.”

Knowles continued, “But these are some of the thought processes that they go through. Maybe you say, ‘Beyoncé has her success, here’s an opportunity to push Adele, so let’s push her.’”

He went on to speak on the Grammy’s voting process after learning that his daughter has been nominated in the same category several times. “It’s a combination of all, but it starts with the label. Again guys, I’ve been 14 years in those rooms supporting the label. I know exactly how this works.”

He added, “We spend a whole day listening to a minute of a song and saying, ‘That’s pop.’ And then pop will listen and they say, ‘Oh, that’s R&B.’ That’s a big deal, the genre of the music. And again, there comes a point in the music industry is the whiting of America.”

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