Mathew Knowles Would ‘Love to See’ Destiny’s Child Reunite For Another Album

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Mathew Knowles wants Destiny’s Child to give fans another album.

Beyonce’s Dad and former manager, sat down with Entertainment Tonight to discuss his hope to see the ladies reunite once more in their career.

“It’s a decision that the ladies would have to make,” the longtime manager commented. “And I would certainly, certainly support that decision as I still manage Destiny’s Child. I would love to see that as well.”

“I think the fans will be just overjoyed”

Mathew Knowles, 71, served as a producer for many of the groups projects including Destiny’s Child and The Writing’s on the Wall (1999). Under his imprint label, Music World Artist Management, he brought in producers such as Wyclef Jean and Jermaine Dupri to fuse hip hop and R&B.

The businessman shared how meaningful a reunion would be to Destiny Child fans.

“I think the fans will be just overjoyed, overwhelmed,” he says. “And hopefully they do one last time in their career. Hopefully they give us one last album. Who knows? You never know. You never say it can’t happen. Because this is entertainment. A lot of things can happen.”

After putting together the group in 1990, Knowles said that he never doubted that the ladies would be successful, as he had faith from day one. 

“If you don’t believe, who else is gonna believe? So it starts with you have to believe and you have to have the strategy,” he told ET. “You have to have the talent. You have to have all the work ethics, being a visionary, all those things. There’s a lot of moving parts that bring success. The right record label, the right distribution, the right partners that we had like L’Oréal and Samsung. All those things is what brought about the success along with great songs.”

Having launched the career of his eldest daughter, Mathew expressed his excitement for watching Beyoncé on her Renaissance Tour.

“My first show is in London, and I’m really look forward to that,” he commented. “Beyoncé is one of the best entertainers in the world, if not the best today. And, you know, she always surprises me. She always takes it to a higher and higher and higher level. But giving back to her fans. I think everyone walks out very, very surprised, very fulfilled, that reminds me of the album Destiny Fulfilled. They walk out very fulfilled. She’s a true entertainer.”