Meagan Good And Jonathan Majors Are Reportedly Dating

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Meagan Good and Jonathan Majors seemed to be dating. 

According to reports, the two actors have been seen getting close to one another and were spotted on a date at Alamo Drafthouse in Los Angeles. The news of this relationship comes in the midst of charges that Majors is currently facing. 

Majors is facing 3 counts of attempted assault, assault, and aggravated harassment, as well as another count of harassment.  He is accused of slapping his ex-girlfriend in the back of a taxi after partying in New York back in March. 

Priya Chaudhry, the actor’s attorney has stated that her client is innocent and has given investigators surveillance videos and text messages from the victim to prove that Majors is innocent. 

The video footage shows that the alleged victim was partying and drinking at the nightclub hours after the alleged assault took place. Jonathan Majors recently had a court hearing where his team is fighting to have some of the charges against him dropped. 

This new relationship is the first one Meagan Good has been in since her divorce from Devon Franklin. What are your thoughts about this budding relationship?