Meet Eva Marcille’s New Bundle of Joy, Maverick Sterling!

Photo Credit: Leon Bennett / Stringer/Getty

RHOA star Eva Marcille introduced the world to her baby boy, Maverick Sterling.

Eva’s husband, Micheal Sterling shared on social media how they came up with the name Maverick for their little boy.

“Maverick Leonard Sterling. First of his name. The unburped. Breaker of waters. ###Maverick – an independent-minded person who does not believe they have to just go along with the group or consensus. Willing to think for themselves. ###Leonard – named after my dad’s dad, grandfather Sterling – the old rice farmer and Pastor. He was a good samaritan who never hesitated to lend a hand to those who were often forgotten and left behind. ###Sterling – conforming to the highest standard. Welcome to the world my son.”



Eva replied:

“couldn’t be happier.”