Mel B’s Nanny Accuses Her of Abusing Drugs + Children + Sex with Multiple Men!

Photo Credit: Steve Granitz / Getty Images


In the midst of Mel B’s custody battle with ex husband  Stephen Belafonte,  the former Spice Girl admits that she will be going to rehab for sex and alcohol addiction.

On the flip side Mel B’s nanny, Rusty Updegraf, opened up about what really goes on in their household as he is responsible for watching two out of three of their daughters.

According to Updegraf, Mel B was constantly asking him to get her cocaine,  brings multiple men around the kids and even says they have walked in on her having sexual intercourse many times. 

Updegraf does not believe the kids are safe under Mel B’s care without supervision.

Take a look at the statements he made below:

“As recently as August 2, 2018, when I was charged by Melanie to drive the children to Palm Springs, to meet with her and her friend, Gary, I was asked by a very drunk and slurring Melanie if I brought cocaine with me.”

“The girls do not have TV time with their mother or any quality sober time with her. Tutors are there to help with homework and I helped too. The piano teacher comes in twice a week. Other than that, the children are in the care of someone else… The children try to fend for themselves when I am not around.”

“Because of her drinking, Melanie becomes extremely volatile and angry and lashes out at the children. As a result, Madison is often left upset and crying trying to defend her sister or she escapes to her room to protect herself from her mother’s drunken behavior.”

“Aside from the obvious alcohol addiction and her addiction to multiple partners that she brings around the children, I truly believe that Melanie is mentally and/or psychologically unstable and is suffering from some form of mental health issue. I do not believe the children are safe in her custody without supervision or monitoring.” 

Source: TheJasmineBrand