Melanie Fiona Reveals Her Secret To Finding True Love

Singer Melanie Fiona is sharing how she manifested finding the love of her life. 

In a recent interview, Fiona discussed how working on herself and being in solitude played a major role in her life. “I started valuing my time, my energy, my body, my love, my generosity, and grace for myself more than ever,” the singer said. 

She continued, “I realized that I was not preserving myself for me or who deserved me. And so the minute I started operation from the space, I woke up and was ready to meet someone. I said it so clearly and just operated from a space of openness and positivity and self-love and self-value.” 

Fiona also revealed that she chose to not date for a year to focus on herself, and to manifest in something that she would be proud of. “I think the universe or God heard me and saw that I was doing the work and willing to set boundaries for myself with other people. I was living an obedient life that would create space for healthy love and healthy relationships and happiness to come in beautiful, creative opportunities.” 

Melanie Fiona went on to speak on her relationship and marriage to Jared Cotter. “I always knew that there was more for our story. I didn’t know how or when it would present itself, but I’m very grateful that it was only six months.” She added, “On the outside, I had to move and live and treat him and the whole situation- even amongst our mutual friends- like we were moving on. But on the inside, I knew there was more. If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it is yours.” 

Do you believe in manifestation?