Melody Holt Says She’s Unbothered By Shereé Whitfield Dating Her Ex-Husband

We recently reported that “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star, Shereé Whitfield has confirmed her relationship with  “Love & Marriage Huntsville” star, Martell Holt.  

Now, Holt’s ex-wife, Melody Holt, is revealing that she is unbothered by the new couple’s budding relationship. “To be honest with you, I don’t have any feelings about it. I really don’t,” she said.

“I didn’t control if he was talking, or dating anybody while he was in the marriage, I damn sure ain’t gonna be able to control if he’s dating somebody out the marriage. So you know, I don’t feel anything. I really don’t, ” Melody added.

The reality tv star went on to express the same sentiments about Shereé when she was asked her. “I don’t know anything negative about her, so I don’t have anything negative to say. Like, I really don’t… It doesn’t concern me for real.” 

Melody, who officially divorced her ex in 2021 stated that she found out about her ex’s budding relationship with Whitfield online but didn’t overthink it.”

She believes that Martell’s behavior will remain the same and says that it’s a “continuation of what we’ve already seen.” and was surprised Whitfield when met her children without her knowledge just like when the children met their younger sibling without her knowledge. 

“Even when my children first met his son, I didn’t know about that beforehand that he was introducing them,” Melody claimed. “I didn’t know that that was happening. I don’t expect anything differently because it’s the same thing that’s always happened it’s always been a matter of disrespect.” 

The children recently met Shereé in the early stages of her relationship with Martell. However, Melody stated that if the roles were reversed, she would have done things differently such as making sure the person she is dating has been around for some time before bringing them around her children. 

What are your thoughts on this situation?