Method Man Reacts To Being Called A Racial Slur By A Fan

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Method Man is clearly the wrong person to disrespect. 

After it was revealed that he will be missing  a scheduled performance in Greece, a fan reached out to the Wu-Tang Clan member asking him to think about it. 

The fan wrote, “No method man means no real Wu. Please think again and make an exception. I know the reasons behind your absence and I totally understand but think about the fans also. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see all 9 Wu-Tang together. I was waiting my whole life for this. Please don’t do this to us!!!!! Love you!”

Things quickly turned as the fan continued to reach out to Method Man. “You know what mr. Meth F*** YOU, uou could at least read it. You don’t care about your fans, only thing you care is money, pussy ass n-gga. Get the f*** outta here you clown. I hope you make nothing but failures from this point on …. Bitch ass n****. F*** YOU!!!””

Method Man responded and said, “Gotta love the fans I’m pretty sure someone will say I’m wrong or that I’m bullying for posting this, but if I didn’t, you all wouldn’t believe me.. I mean, he even used the N-word .😂 and this is after professing his love for Wu-Tang I can’t make this up. With that being said, I’m sending love and light to this young man…”

What are your thoughts on this?