Michael B. Jordan Under Police Investigation After Car Crash

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Michael B. Jordan is currently under investigation by the LAPD after being involved in a car crash earlier this month.

We reported that the “Creed” star was in a car crash after his Ferrari hit a parked car in Hollywood on December 2. Since then, a new video surfaced showing that Jordan was allegedly racing with another car before the crash took place. 

It has been reported, that if the LAPD finds any evidence of “criminal culpability” then prosecutors may be seeking to press charges. The video shows a red and blue Ferrari in what looks like a street race on Sunset Boulevard. The blue car, Jordan’s car, swerved and ended up hitting a parked Kia.

The driver of the red Ferrari shared his version of what happened that night. He said that the two cars were initially “pacing each other for a couple of blocks before they began to race. Reports initially stated that there was no foul play or DUI when the police arrived at the scene. 

Michael B. Jordan did not provide the police with any information about the crash at the scene. However, Jordan nor the other driver were injured after the incident.