Michael Jackson Musical Set to Premiere on Broadway Summer of 2020

photo credit: Phil Walter / Getty Images

It’s been over a decade since the untimely passing of pop legend Michael Jackson. However, his influence still remains strong, and will be carried into the making of a Broadway musical that is set to release summer 2020.


The show is a biographical performance highlighting the career of arguably the greatest artist of all time. Producers will be previewing MJ July 6th, a month before it’s official release on August 13th. 


The producers of the show Colombia Live Stage and The Michael Jackson Estate have also featured a book by two time Pulitzer Prize winner Lynn Nottage. Nottage states that the play will focus on Michael’s career in the early 1990’s just before a tour promoting his album seventh studio album “Dangerous”. 


The producers of the show made a public statement, informing its audience that they were confident in the projected success of the musical. But critics and fans are concerned that the show could  lead controversy and possible inaccuracies due to the allegations of child molestation. While these claims do come from the victims themselves, nothing can be confirmed or denied due to Michaels inability to defend himself. 


While there is a lot of controversy surrounding the Musical, Michael Jackson’s track record as an artist makes this musical long overdue.