Michael Jackson’s Estate Reaches Settlement In Stolen Property Case

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It seems like things have finally been settled for the Micahel Jackson’s estate. 

According to reports, the co-executors of the estate said, “The litigation between the Estate of Michael Jackson and Jeffré Phillips has been amicably resolved without the need for a trial and without any findings or admissions of wrongdoing.” 

They continued, “Mr. Phillips has voluntarily returned Michael Jackson’s property to the Estate. All outstanding disputes between the parties have been settled on confidential terms. We wish Mr. Phillips well in his future endeavors.”

It has been stated that Phillips allegedly stole $1million worth of the late singer’s property back in 2009 shortly after Jackson’s passing. The terms of the settlement are not known, however, Jackson’s estate has been asking the judge for help in having the property returned. 

Reports also stated Phillips was engaged to one of Michael Jackson’s siblings in the past and used the death of the singer as a way to steal the property. The estate said that Phillips had intentions to sell the items and that they were looking for ways to prevent it from happening. 

Phillips allegedly stole iPods, hard drives, laptops, DVDs, and CDs that had non-public performances and unreleased concert footage on it. He also stole handwritten notes with song lyrics on them, a doll of the singer and a photo album with Michael as the cover and more. 

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