Michael Jordan Makes History On The Forbes Wealthiest Americans List

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Michael Jordan continues to make history. 

The NBA Hall of Famer has become the first athlete to land on the Forbes list of 400 Wealthiest Americans. Forbes made the announcement on their social media account stating that Jordan’s net worth is $3 billion. 


The growth of his net worth came after he sold his majority stake of the Charlotte Hornets earlier this year. Jordan purchased the basketball team in 2010 for $175 million and sold it for $3 billion this year. 

His fortune also comes from high-paying NBA contracts while he was playing professionally in the league. Jordan has also had a few huge sponsorships from companies such as Hanes, McDonald’s, and Gatorade. He has earned an estimated $2.4 billion in pre-tax money solely from brand deals. 

Michael Jordan is also earning huge money from his sneaker line Air Jordans. According to Nike, the shoe brand receives $6.6 billion in annual wholesale revenue. His net worth is expected to rise in the coming months. 

This is amazing.