Michael Jordan’s Daughter Googled Who He Was After Teachers Told Her He Was Incredible

How cool is to learn that your parent is a basketball legend?

According to Michael Jordan’s kids, he was not very transparent when it came to his career and how famous he was. During a virtual interview with Good Morning America, his daughter Jasmine (27) and son Jeffrey (31) shares what it was like growing up with a famous basketball player as their dad. They even discussed their thoughts on ESPN docuseries The Last Dance.

Jasmine says: “I had kids and teachers and staff at school telling me ‘It’s incredible your father is who he is.’ And I’m thinking, ‘You all haven’t met my father to my knowledge, so how do you know this?’ So I did, I googled him. And I found a lot, clearly. So I had that conversation with my father afterward and he just laughed and was like, ‘Hey, there’s no way to really tell you anything like that.’ But between him and my mom, they made sure that we felt like he was normal as can be and we grew up very normal, and for that I’m grateful.”

She also adds that The Last Dance was an eye-opening.

It’s been eye-opening. I was so young at the time . . . now I’m understanding the chaos and everything that was happening. So it’s been a joy, really, to watch, and I think like everybody else we’re sad that it’s over.”

Her brother Jeffrey agreed and shared want he appreciated about the docuseries.

“We got to see him when he came home and was done with work for the day or the night, but being able to see him in his element, in his atmosphere with the team and see all the ups and downs throughout that season, has been a treat to watch.”