Michelle Obama and Common Want the Public to Know What Happens ‘When We All Vote’ [VIDEO]

Photo Credit: D Dipasupil/Getty Images

Our #ForeverFirstLady Michelle Obama is on a mission to urge the public to get out and vote through her When We All Vote campaign. To push the message and attract more people to the cause, Obama joined forces with Common to spread the word.

Common dropped a video announcing his partnership with the former First Lady yesterday morning (Sept. 5) explaining their want to “change the culture around voting.”

“Did you know that less than 60{dfd1613e7aef5025d4fe547837814c2458253439dec6fb15f3add57b5633a6bf} of eligible African Americans citizens voted in the 2016 presidential election? This undermines our power as people,” Common said at the beginning of his video. “So I’m teaming up with Mrs. Obama to change the culture around voting.”

Obama’s campaign is “asking people to join When We All Vote’s Week of Action September 22-29 to host events in communities across the country to register, organize and fire up voters for Election Day.”

When launching When We All Vote, Mrs. Obama said, “We all have to vote in every single election: for mayor, governor, school board, state legislature and Congress. Voting is the only way to ensure that our values and priorities are represented in the halls of power. And it’s not enough to just vote for president every four years.”

She added, “So the future of our families, our communities and our country belongs to those of us who show up, cast our votes, and make our voices heard.”

So make sure you make your voice heard during the upcoming midterm elections. But first, you have to register to vote.

For more information about When We All Vote or to register to vote, go here.