Michelle Obama Reflects On Ups And Downs Of 31 Year Marriage To Barack

Michelle Obama has often been very open about the ins and outs of her relationshop with former President Barack obama. Now she’s sharing a bit more about their decades-long marriage.

In a conversation with podcaster Jay Shetty, she discussed it as they are dcelbrating their 31st anniversary. She specifically wanted to make sure the message gets across that she hopes no one looks at them as the perfect couple.

“I don’t want people looking at me and Barack like hashtag couple goals and not know that no, no, there are some broken things that happen even in the best of marriages,” she said.

Later in the conversation, she explained how she was able to keep their relationship afloat after disagreements.

“[During] year five, I might have had hurt feelings and it would’ve taken days to rectify it. Year 30? It’s like, ‘Ah, there she goes again or there he goes again,’” she began. “I know how to talk to him about it and when because we’ve practiced it. We’ve made a lot of mistakes, we’ve gotten it wrong and after 31 years, we’re getting better at it.”

Ultimately she said that although they have had their moments, she wouldn’t trade it “for anything in the world.”

“With all the ups and downs, with all the running for president stuff, ‘I was like, ‘Why’d you do that?’” she joked. “I mean, talk about that being a big gaping thing in our lives. But the good has outweighed it, and if we hadn’t hung in there we would’ve missed all the good.”