Michelle Williams Speaks Out About Being Least Favorite in Destiny’s Child + How It Affected Her

photo credit: Frank Micelotta / Getty Images

In the new TV series The Masked Singer, Michelle Williams came through and showed out in confidence when she performed behind a mask for the judges and audience, in which they later had to guess her voice. Even though Michelle rocked her performance, in a new interview she opens up about her lack of confidence and the overall struggle she endured being the fans least favorite of the group. 


During a recent interview, she revealed how being apart of the renowned girl group Destiny’s Child and not being considered “mainstream” affected her mentally. 


Willams went on to say, “I’ve done a lot of gospel, so I’m kind of insecure because mainstream don’t know my voice. And sometimes social media… it’s bad when you read the comments. I like engaging with people on social media. I don’t want to not talk to the people that are being gracious all because there are some mean ones out there. But sometimes before you get to the nice ones you have to get through a couple mean ones.” 


Michelle Williams went through massive amounts of trolling, especially in the year 2014. With the #PoorMichelle hashtag circling around social media, it definitely tarnished her reputation as a singer and a performer. But it definitely did not stop her bag when she took to twitter and replied “That’s not what my accountant said!”