Miguel A. Núñez Jr. Confirms ‘Juwanna Mann 2’ Is Coming

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It looks like Juwanna Mann will be making a comeback to the basketball court real soon, according to the original film’s star, Miguel A. Núñez Jr. 

The actor confirmed that he will be reprising his role at Jamal Jefferies in the upcoming sequel. While being asked questions by TMZ, Núñez Jr. went avoided answering the questions about whether or not the movie would be able to score big numbers in today’s climate. 

He did, however, explain the issues he faced with trying to get the ball rolling on the film. “Yes, they are gonna do it,” he said. “We are doing Juwanna mann 2. Yeah, I can’t give you the details of it, but you’re right, it was complicated because of issues now, and because of the fact that he was exposed. But, I can’t give away the story, we’re working on that right now.” 

Are you ready to see “Juwanna Mann 2” when it comes out?